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About Us

The Beginning of Cadae Tea


Cadae (Earth Goddess) Tea formerly known as Passion Garden Teas was founded by Kay Bell also known as Cadae Free, in the city of Waco, TX in 2010.  In the beginning, the name of the this company was called Passion Garden Teas, because of the deep passion she had to take care of the garden.  Four years later, the name was changed to Cadae, which means, "Earth Goddess"; one who seeks to grow and live from the things that come from the Earth.


It all started with one lot and a card table at a farmer's market.  Now Cadae Tea has grown to several lots.

Cadae Tea takes pride and honor in growing each of it's herbs, fruits, and vegetables organically.  Cadae Tea's leaves are organically grown from a personal garden.  The tea leaves are sun dried and blended for the customer's health and for the best taste. Customer health is our priority and we strive, each day, to come up with diverse means to heal people naturally.

Cadae Tea has been extended into to several farmer's markets, a local health store (Drug Emporium), and "Farm to School".

Our goals are to test each of our teas with care, blend them  with joy, and package them with love.


 To give natural healing to our customers without chemicals are side effects.

Kay Bell B.A. Ed.


Born and raised on a small farm in Jacksonville, Texas, Kay Bell, wife of Virgil Bell and science teacher, humbly began her journey to a green thumb through starting an herb and vegetable garden at her own home.  After discovering the both the passion she had for nuturing her plants to healthy perfection and the passion her close friends and family had for enjoying the fruits of her labor, Kay decided to share this wonderful gift with the world! Her hands personally make sure every tea is blended with with love, tested with care and created with a passion!

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